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We received these blank puddle jumper covers to personalize for our customers. Whenever we tried them on our puddle jumper, they did not fit right. They are just made a little too small. Each of them are made different. But the fit is not exactly as it should be. (For instance, 4 out of the 5 buttons may snap, or you may need to let out a stitch or two in the armpit to make the puddle jumper go through the armhole, etc.).

Since they are faulty, we are offering them for just $6, plain, as is!!!! They are NONREFUNDABLE. If you get one of the faulty ones that does not fit at all, then we are sorry. It is jus a chance that you are taking when purchasing. It is up to you to let out stitches etc. We are not responsible for them not fitting your jumper. Some are missing the snaps to a button here/there.

We have NOT tested each one of them. Some of them may be completely perfect! We only tested two and each of them were too tight unless we let out stitches.


So How to Order:

There are two options: You can order one plain for $6 or you can chance it even further and have us go ahead and monogram it for you for just $15 total. (Initials or name). If you want it monogrammed, just select that option at checkout. These are regular $25 monogrammed so you are automatically getting $10 off.