How to Layer Clothing for Perfect Transitional Outfits

If you’re not sure what transitional outfits are, they’re about to become your new best friend. When the seasons change and the mornings and evenings are chilly but midday is too warm for your sweater, that’s when a transitional outfit jumps in. Basically, it’s clever layering!

Learn how to layer clothing so you stay at the perfect temperature all day with Dash Forward. Read on to discover how to layer your outfits for those tricky in-between seasons.

Opt for Sleeveless Tops

If you’re cold when you wake up in the morning but you’re uncomfortably warm in the middle of the day, the easiest thing to do is take off your sweater and let your arms enjoy the breeze. Those tank blouses that you lived in all summer can still apply in a transitional outfit! Cover your arms with one of the following pieces of outerwear.

Choose Outerwear Wisely

Outerwear is everything when it comes to how to layer clothing! Make sure you have at least one of these versatile layering components for transitional seasons.

  • Cardigans: We’re obsessed with cardigans just like everyone else. A long, fluffy cardigan can keep you super warm no matter what you’re wearing underneath: dresses, tanks, tees, you name it.
  • Kimonos: These aren’t just stylish — they’re a key layering tool. Kimonos are long, flowy, and trendy.
  • Jean Jackets: Denim protects you from the wind, but it’s still breathable. Best yet, you can pair it with just about anything!

Pack a Backpack For That Outer Layer

One problem you might run into when you’re learning how to layer clothing is dealing with carrying the bulk of your outer layers around when it’s warm. Solution: make a cute knapsack part of your outfit. With a stylish backpack or tote bag, you can tuck your outerwear in when the sun comes out.

Love Your Long-Sleeve Dresses

Transitional seasons are the perfect time to bring out the long-sleeve dresses! They might have been a little too warm in summer, but autumn is their time to shine.

To stay warm, add these layering pieces to your long-sleeve dress:

  • Flannel outerwear
  • Sweaters
  • Thermal tights
  • Warm leggings
  • Fluffy socks
  • Scarves
  • Thermal underlayers

Scarves Go With Everything

Scarves are the ultimate layering essentials. A big, fluffy scarf can keep you warm if you’re wearing light layers underneath, and you can even unwrap the big ones and use them as stylish shawls. Wondering how to layer your outfit? The answer is always scarves, scarves, scarves.

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