Our Favorite Spring Clothing Trends

We love to keep up with the latest fashion trends here at Dash Forward. We want to make sure that our #DASHDIVAS have access to the best styles all year round. Let’s hop right into it and take a look at our favorite spring clothing trends!

Unforgettable Pastels

pink pastel midi dress

There is no spring without pastels! Soft pastel colors perfectly showcase the light and airy feel of spring. Bright green leaves and beautiful flowers create a natural, aesthetically pleasing environment. Get inspired by the beauty around you and create an unforgettable, romantic look with pastel blues, pinks, and greens. You’ll look and feel your best while enjoying a date with the love of your life or meeting up with the girls for brunch. 

Classic Basics

We can’t write a spring clothing trends blog without mentioning classic basics. You can simply never have too many! Select a few pairs of basic tees, cute camis, and flattering jeans to prepare your wardrobe for spring. Basics are easy to style, making them the perfect spring style trend for the ladies who love to mix and match different looks.

model posing with sunglasses while wearing a light blue basic tee


Fringe is coming back like it never left. Being one of the very first fashion trends to ever exist, you have to give them respect. With a fun and eccentric look, wearing fringed shorts, shoes, or purses will help you to pull off a lively look. 


This spring clothing trend has absolutely no rules. If you like living on the edge and walking to the beat of your own drum, pleats are definitely for you! Available in printed fabrics, solid fabrics, and colorful designs, the style opportunities are endless. 

You can really make a pleated skirt into anything you want it to be. Have fun pairing your pleated skirt with different textures like a ribbed top. And then, complete the look with a cute pair of classy heels, sandals, or flats. 

Ultra Minis

Ultra minis are a spring style trend that is sure to rock your world. Make a statement by wearing a mini skirt that has a unique design, shade, print, or fabric. While this spring clothing trend may be short on material, it definitely isn’t short on packing a style punch. Because of their diversity, mini skirts can work really well for both daytime and nighttime looks!

Flowy Dresses

No matter the day, flowy dresses are always perfect for spring! If you’re a fashionista who loves closet staples, you can rest assured that flowy dresses will be a spring clothing trend every single year. Choose a length that’s comfortable for you and head out for a morning coffee date or to the office in style.

model posing while wearing a flowy light blue dress while outdoors

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