Our Favorite Summer Wardrobe Essentials

The days getting longer and warmer is a sure-fire sign that summer is just around the corner. With that comes the opportunity to reinvent your look. Bring on the boardwalk, the beach, and summer fashion! We’re here to help break down the summer wardrobe staples every girl needs hanging in her closet. We’re huge fans of comfortable, neutral pieces that you can dress up or dress down to create an endless array of super cute summer looks. Having a closet full of versatile pieces means more bang for your buck, and who doesn’t love stocking up on summer wardrobe essentials while staying on budget? Here are our top picks to help you create cute outfits all summer long!

Jean Shorts

model wearing a graphic t-shirt with jean shorts

When in doubt, go for jean shorts! Is there anything more comfortable than your go-to pair of jean shorts? After all, tried and true denim shorts never go out of style and nothing says summer better than your favorite pair!

A cute, good-quality pair of jean shorts is the first thing you need to start building your list of summer wardrobe-essentials. Whether you are into the distressed, ripped jeans look or are more of a classic-cut blue jean style kind of girl — there’s a perfect pair for every preference. The versatility of color, length and fit make denim shorts the key to cute summer outfits. High-waisted shorts look great with flirty crop tops. Or, throw on Bermuda shorts styled with a knotted tee for an effortlessly chic summer look.

Summer Sundresses 

Looking for a reason to add sundresses into your rotation of summer wardrobe staples? We’ve got plenty. Let’s start with comfort. Look for dresses that feature flowing, breathable fabric that’s easy to move in and is super lightweight for hot summer days. Sundresses are a no-brainer for comfy and cute summer styles.

Arguably the best thing about a sundress is how many different ways you can style it. They are perfectly suited for so many different occasions. Everything from running errands to ice cream dates and even weddings! Depending on your shoes and accessories, a sundress is an ideal outfit choice for almost any occasion. 

A major added bonus is that sundresses are great day-to-night transitional outfits. Pair them with a light jacket and flat sandals in the morning and swap out for wedges and layered jewelry for a nighttime look! We recommend starting with a basic, light-colored dress and building your outfit from there. 

Versatility and comfort are at the top of our summer wardrobe essentials list, that’s why we love a good sundress!

Neutral Sandals

neutral sandals

Sandals are what we wear basically every day during the summer. A neutral pair of summer sandals will look good with everything from your bathing suit to your maxi dress. A practical, comfortable summer shoe is a must-have summer wardrobe staple. Whether you’re riding your beach cruiser or headed to the tiki bar, neutral-colored sandals will perfectly complete your outfit.

Keep in mind when shopping for your everyday summer sandal, not all footwear is created equally! For something you can wear and walk around in all day long, choose a sturdy, strappy shoe with padded soles. When you need something a little more elegant, throw on a pair of slip-on, heeled mules. 

You’ve heard of the infamous little black dress, of course. Now turn that look upside down, imagine this: the little white dress and neutral sandals. Could there be a more perfect summer style? We think not.

Neutral-toned sandals in a variety of styles on the summer wardrobe essentials list? Check.

Sizzling Summer Accessories

Paying attention to details is key when it comes to creating a head-to-toe perfect look. No outfit is complete without accessories, and one of the best ways to finish off a look is with a sophisticated and stylish hat. Fedora-style structured hats are a super popular and trendy accessory. A solid neutral-toned hat with a trim accent color perfectly pairs with limitless summer outfit combinations.

Not only does a hat complete your look, this summer wardrobe essential accessory doubles as a sun protector! Wear a hat with a cute pair of shades to help protect your skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. 

This summer wardrobe staple also has the added benefit of being easy to pack. Toss it in your travel bag and you’re all set for vacation!

Back to Basics


We’d be remiss if we didn’t include a basic, everyday tank or cami to our list of summer essentials. Every wardrobe needs comfortable, go-to pieces and these are the ultimate in casual wear. Tank tops and camis are cute in both neutral and vibrant colors and can be paired with just about any type of bottoms. From athleisure to trendy and everything in between, few things work better than a simple basic top.

Match your mood to this summer wardrobe essential! Throw on a neon cami when you’re feeling bold and adventurous, or a muted tank top for when you’re in relaxation mode. Basic tops like these come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Best of all, they are super affordable for every budget!

Find Your Favorite Pieces

Now that you know what your summer wardrobe essentials are, you’re ready for some fun in the sun! Remember #DASHDIVAS, nothing completes a look better than a smile! Find your favorite pieces today and get ready to create endless outfit combinations.

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