Summer Wardrobe Essentials & Must-Haves

When we think summer, we think of running around outside, jumping in refreshing waters, and barely having to think about what you wear. When you have some simple, beautiful summer wardrobe essentials that make you feel great, you can grab them in the morning and not worry about a thing all day. 

Check out our five top summer clothing essentials!

1. Denim Shorts

woman wearing a color block top with jean shorts

Who doesn’t love a good pair of denim shorts (or ten)? The beauty of denim shorts is that you can wear them with virtually any top. Any color of the rainbow works with denim, and they’re soft, comfy, and flattering.

Pick up several different lengths and styles that make you feel comfortable and confident, pair them with a cute t-shirt or blouse, and you’re good to go with outfits for nearly every day of the week!

2. Ankle Strap Platforms

Ankle strap platforms are the fail-safe way to dress up a basic outfit. These summer wardrobe essentials can take something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt and make you look chic and poised.

They’re heels, but they’re not uncomfortable if you get the right ones. If you have easily sore feet or you need to walk a lot, just opt for these platform wedge heels. You still get that cute look and that adorable ankle strap!

3. Plain White T-Shirt

woman wearing a white t-shirt with denim shorts

Don’t knock the basics. If you have a few plain white tees in your closet, you have an easy outfit ready to go. Pair it with a vibrant midi skirt, denim shorts, jeans, or patterned pants. Use it as a neutral layer under a cardigan or blazer. With a basic t-shirt in your closet, the possibilities are endless. Go crazy with these summer wardrobe essentials!

4. The Classic Fedora

The iconic fedora: it’s a classic for a reason. A cute little fedora keeps your face in the shade while adding a cute touch to your outfit. Whether you’re going on a brunch date or a boating trip, this hat is made for looking stylish in the sun!

5. Tote Bag

checkered bag

Summer is the season of vacations. You might be traveling to the beach, an amusement park, the lake, the park, or a busy city. Chances are, you’ll be away from home and you’ll need to pack a lunch, a warm jacket, or maybe just some essentials. Your new best friend for these summer excursions is a reliable carryall tote!

These handy summer wardrobe essentials are just what you need to keep your items by your side in style. You can also find tote bags with insulation to keep your lunch or beverages cool or protect a wet swimsuit from soaking your belongings!

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