Cute Back-To-School Boutique Outfit Ideas

It’s important to look your best on the first day of school. If you feel comfortable and confident, you can take on any new situation that the new school year has to offer. Make your best impression with these cute back-to-school boutique outfit ideas. You or your kids can create a whole new back-to-school wardrobe from the fun and trendy collection at Dash Forward!

1. School Spirit Tees

Folded gray shirt that says blue devils

Get back in the game with a new custom tee featuring your school’s mascot and logo! These custom tees are super cute and comfortable, and they’re great for both teens and adults. As a plus, they’re super affordable! Simply include your school name or mascot when adding items to your cart and we will do the rest!

2. Children’s Personalized School-Themed Tees

White kids t shirt with apple and books and the name Mason

These little shirts are just too adorable, and it’s easy to get them with your kid’s names and favorite styles. You can order matching shirts for your kid and their best friends for a super cute back-to-school boutique outfit! Check out all of the styles that we have to offer and stock up on a few for the first week of school.

3. Custom Backpack

Jansport backpack in dusty pink

Don’t get the same plain backpack that everyone has — personalize it with your name or initials! Choose from a variety of colors at Dash Forward and create a unique backpack that’s never going to get lost in the locker room.

4. Bold Print Tops

blonde woman wearing snake print top

Start off the school year with a statement-making top! Choose between leopard print tops, bleach-dyed t-shirts, and other bold prints. These striking tops are a great way to make a fabulous first impression for your new classmates and teachers.

5. Denim Jackets

woman wearing jean jacket and black hat in a grassy field

A denim jacket is always a cute back-to-school boutique outfit and this year, the denim trend is as popular as ever! You can wear it with just about anything, and it helps you look laid-back and approachable. Isn’t that exactly what you want when you’re trying to make new friends? Layer it over top of your favorite school spirit tee and roll up the sleeves for the perfect back-to-school outfit.

6. Custom Vintage School Applique Sweatshirt

blonde woman in a blue sweatshirt that says PRC

This sweatshirt is super cute whether you’re going back to middle school or back to your college dorm! Dash Forward can customize this back-to-school boutique outfit with any word you want to be monogrammed.

Find All This and More at Dash Forward

At Dash Forward, we’re your one-stop shop for the cutest back-to-school outfit ideas! Crazy about your back-to-school look? Tag us in your photos on social media. While you’re at it, join our exclusive Facebook group for offers and more. Shop Dash Forward today!

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