How to Dress Up a Graphic T-Shirt

Nothing compares to the coziness and comfort of a classic graphic t-shirt. Graphic t-shirts are a great wardrobe staple because they allow us to express our personalities and they pair well with countless ensembles. For those that love to embrace an edgy style with a splash of class, learning how to dress up a graphic t-shirt is a valuable and trendy styling tool. One of the best parts of a graphic t-shirt is being able to dress it up or down for a variety of occasions.

Let’s explore some of the most dazzling and daring ways to create a put-together look with a graphic t-shirt as a stunning statement piece. With these helpful styling tips, you’ll be on your way to learning how to style a graphic t-shirt for various occasions. Get ready for endless outfit possibilities with our styling tips!

Idea #1: Skirt & Blazer

If you’re looking for how to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work meetings or happy hour, one of the best ways is by pairing it with a bold-colored statement skirt and a complementary blazer. This styling provides a relaxed yet refined look. The skirt and blazer give a professional flair to the outfit while the graphic t-shirt shows off some personality and lets the world know that you do not take life too seriously.

Idea #2: Maxi Skirt

If you’re heading out to brunch with friends or getting an outfit together for date night, embrace a bohemian chic look by pairing a cropped or tied graphic t-shirt with a floor-flirting maxi skirt. Depending on the occasion, dress this look down with a pair of white sneakers or flats, or dress it up with jewelry and heels.

Idea #3: Add Jewelry

Wondering how to dress up a graphic t-shirt in a quick and simple way? Take your shirt from edgy to elegant by adding upscale jewelry! Layer on your favorite string of pearls or throw on a pair of classy statement earrings to add some finesse to your outfit. This look is carefree while also letting everyone know that you were intentional about finishing off your outfit.

model posing in a be kind whenever possible graphic t-shirt

Idea #4: Cardigan

Wondering how to dress up a graphic t-shirt in a simple way? Throw on a dressy cardigan! Look for solid color cardigans that do not distract from your statement graphic t-shirt or opt for something with detail, such as a ruffle hem or unique buttons. Pair these with dark wash jeans, paperbag dress pants, or a pair of dressy joggers. Add a sleek heel or boot to your outfit and you’ve automatically created a refined yet relaxed look!

Idea #5: Dresses

A unique, yet popular, way to add some flair to your outfit is by layering a graphic t-shirt over the top of your favorite dress. Our favorite way to style this look is by tying your tee in a knot on the side to accentuate your waist. Add a few pieces of jewelry and your favorite sandals and you have the eye-catching edgy look you’ve always wanted.

Learn How to Dress Up a Graphic T-Shirt with Dash Forward’s Help

Learning how to style a graphic t-shirt for formal occasions is a great way to express yourself while embracing elegant details at the same time. By trying these styling tips, you’ll be on your way to a comfortable yet classy look for any occasion. As one of the most enduring wardrobe staples, it’s only fair that we never stop considering the styling possibilities for our favorite graphic tees.

Dash Forward’s wide selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories are the perfect resource for those looking to dress up their graphic t-shirts. Explore Dash Forward’s selection to elevate your wardrobe today!

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